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Management[ edit ] Kesko Senukai is a family business managed by Rakauskai family. Augustinas Rakauskas is the founder of Kesko Senukai, a group shareholder and board member. Arturas Rakauskas is a group shareholder [11] and Kesko Senukai president. Both owners share a strategic partnership agreement.

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Kesko Senukai is a part of Scandinavian retailing conglomerate Kesko. InRakauskai family acquired controlling stake of "Baltic Shopping Centers" which is a real estate investment company. Incompany's total assets amounted to Euros, and it owned real estate area amounted to square metres. Kesko Senukai owns "Harmony Park" located in Prienai district Lithuania[21] and radio station " Ziniu radijas " since Inthe first "Senukai" store was opened in Kaunas Lithuania.

Inthe company started wholesale trading. Inthe company expanded its services and manufacturing. Inthe company opened a shopping mall in Kaunas Lithuania. Inthe first "Senukai" franchise store is opened in Prienai Lithuania.

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Inthe company opened a wholesale trading terminal and started to develop its retail trade network in Lithuania.

Inthe company opened "Senukai" store in Kaunas, at Draugystes street. It is the biggest "Senukai" store in Lithuania with an area over 26 square meters. InKesko Senukai created its new concept store "Statybu duona". InKesko Senukai founded its charity fund. Inthe first "Senukai" store was opened in Vilnius, in Ukmerges street.

Inthe first "Senukai" store was opened abroad, in Riga Latvia.

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Inthe company signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Finnish company "Rautakesko OY". Inthe "Banginis" shopping mall was opened, in which "Senukai" stores occupy the largest area. Inthe largest shopping and leisure centre "Mega" was opened in Kaunas Lithuaniain which the "Senukai" store occupies 22 square meters area. Ina "Senukai" store was opened in Utena city Lithuania. Ina "Senukai" logistics centre was opened.

It is one of the biggest logistics centres in the Baltic countries. In"Banginis" shopping mall was opened in Klaipeda city Lithuania.

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Inthe first online store was opened. InKesko Senukai renewed their retail store in Telsiai city Lithuania.

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InKesko Senukai opened a second store in Panevezys city Lithuania. Incompany renewed its "Sodo centrai" stores.

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Incompany opened a "Senukai" store in Druskininkai city Lithuaniarenewed "Namu technikos centrai" stores, and opened a store of house interior decorations "Namu stilius" ką ot lsts reiškia prekyba Vilnius city Lithuania.

Incompany opened its new administration building near shopping mall "Mega" in Kaunas, Lithuania. Inthe largest "Senukai" store was opened in Siauliai užsidirbti pinigų elektroniniu būdu, Lithuania.

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Ina "Senukai" store was opened in Kaunas city. Inspecialized construction materials stores "Statybu duona" in Siauliai and Panevezys cities, were equipped with the ability to shop without leaving a car drive-in stores. Inthere were 85 "Senukai" and "Statybu duona" stores and one online store operating in Lithuania.

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Every month "Senukai" stores attracts an estimated 1 shoppers in Lithuania. Inthere were 14 "OMA" stores in Belarus,12 of them were brand shops and 2 operated as franchisees. In collaboration with 25 regular wholesale buyers in Lithuania and abroad, Kesko Senukai is importing and exporting goods to Europe and CIS countries on regular basis. Kesko Senukai works with more than ką ot lsts reiškia prekyba who offer more than items for sale.

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In the largest Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda stores, customers are able to order services by interior designers and artisans, as well as curtain tailoring services, transportation of goods and other services. These are specialized stores which one can find in a specific "Senukai" shop's ką ot lsts reiškia prekyba, and offers specific items and services: [37] "Namu technikos centras" abbr.

NTC — a specialized home appliances and electronic goods trade centre. In the end offive biggest NTC centres had been upgraded and their products range was significantly expanded.

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